Finally! How To Improve Your Impact & Communicate Effectively

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If you want to have meaningful relationships based on trust and honesty, be able to communication more clearly, or even if you just want to improve professional and personal relationships, then this is the most important offer you’ll read all year!

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Because a greater self-awareness can significantly improve your happiness, achievements, and quality of life!

Jean will get to the bottom of what it is!

“If there is something standing between you and what you want (especially if that thing is you) – Jean will get to the bottom of what it is!”

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My name is Jean Fleming and I’m an experienced Empowerment and Leadership Coach

I’ve helped hundreds of women improve their lives, both professionally and personally and I’m passionate about empowering women to create the life they want!

This DISC report and coaching session is going to raise your awareness and give you greater insight into building stronger, more effective relationships.

Here’s what some wonderful women had to say after working with me…

“Every session with Jean taught me something new about myself” – Sabina

“That’s a freaking light bulb Jean!” – Nikki

Every day you wait is another day that you see other women enjoying their lives while you’re left feeling frustrated and dissatisfied

In fact, here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you get…

☑️  You can spend quality time with the people you want rather than wasting time on unfulfilling situations
☑️  You will be able to communicate clearly with everyone around you
☑️  You’ll feel more confident to go for your dream job
☑️  You can stop wasting money on solutions that don’t work
Psychologists have identified several benefits to increased self-awareness
Higher Creativity
Breaking Bad Habits
Achieving Goals
Forming New Habits
Better Relationships
Increased Happiness
☑️  You can achieve so much more when you believe in your own abilities
☑️  Experiencing more meaningful and rewarding relationships will increase your overall happiness
☑️  The more you’re in control of your life – the more you’ll attract the people that you want to spend time with

So here’s the bottom line with DISC

①   You will complete your assessment online, which takes approx 15 minutes
②   A detailed 15-page report will be generated revealing:
      ➡  Your personality style and traits
      ➡  Communication style
      ➡  Strengths
      ➡  Dislikes
      ➡  Decision making style
      ➡  Compatibility styles
      ➡ Ideal environment
      ➡  Individual contribution in a team
      ➡  Personal growth areas and an Action Plan.
③   You will then choose a time to suit you for an online 60-minute 1-2-1 coaching session with me so I can go through your report to explain it in detail.
You get all of this for £197!

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Learning the in-depth details inside DiSC report and getting the 1-2-1 coaching will have an immediate effect on the way you feel about your life.

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