Imagine what is possible for you when you feel more confident

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Unlocking Your Confidence to achieve what you really want

Join this FREE webinar for practical, simple, easy to implement tips for Unlocking Your Confidence.

Free 90-minute live webinar with tips for Unlocking Your Confidence.

Being more confident can be a life changer. Confidence enables you to achieve so much more.  All the dreams you have can become your reality.

Jean Fleming
Understand what gets in the way of your confidence

We often look at other people and wish we could be more confident like them.  We convince ourselves we could never be like them. But imagine overcoming the obstacles with a new-found confidence!

It’s time to step into a more confident you

Gaining the skills and techniques to build your confidence can take you to new levels – go for that promotion, change your job or career, an internal knowledge that you’ve got this!

You’re in great hands here

Jean Fleming is an empowerment and leadership coach working with women to help them achieve the life they want, even when they don’t know what that is.

She is passionate about working with her clients to help them understand what is important to them, what their ideal life looks like, and what they need to do to achieve it.

She runs programmes that help women improve their self-awareness. Understanding their emotions and how they impact on themselves and those around them.

She has over 30 years business experience and was the first woman to join the Board of a global company – a role she still fulfils 11 years later. She is an experienced and ICF accredited coach and an assessor in Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0).

What those who’ve tried it have to say 

“For years I have struggled with lack of confidence but I’ve never really understood why or how to properly address it…The first exercise was like a lightbulb going off”

“I increased my confidence resulting in me successfully applying for a role I would have previously thought I couldn’t do.”

“Jean will challenge your thinking about yourself to help grow your confidence”

Got questions about the webinars?

When is the Unlocking Your Confidence webinar?
  • You can choose to attend one of the free live webinars from a choice of three dates:

Monday 12th October
6:30 pm BST. 10:30 am PT. 1:30 pm ET

Tuesday 13th October
7:30 pm BST. 11:30 pm PT. 2:30 pm ET

Wednesday 14th October
1:00 pm BST. 5:00 am PT. 8:00 am ET

Do I need to do any preparation for the webinar?

Nope!  Just turn up with an open mind and you may want to have a pen and paper handy to take notes.

Does it cost anything to take part?

Absolutely not.  This is a free live webinar.  I work with more and more women who are raising confidence as an issue for them so I thought I would put this out there to support others.

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